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Mainstream, VOL L, No 35, August 18, 2012

Rise of the Voiceless

Monday 20 August 2012, by Suhas Borker

Pull down the ‘Work in Progress’ boards.
Sixty-five years is far too long.
No curtains can hide away
the pole-vaults of the
me-myself-self-seekers’ brigade
of pygmies in the Temple.
How long can you splurge
on arrogance of growth of sham, lies and loot?
How long can you look away
and beat ‘the tryst with destiny’ chord
to stop the tide of time?
How long can you push
the millions of voiceless against the wall?
Soon, very soon, these voiceless wounds
shall grow tongues and these tongues
shall then sprout from rivers, forests and fields
into shards of bitter truth
to pull down the wall.
Soon, very soon, these voiceless wounds
shall forge into thousands of one man armies
of ‘walk alone’ salt spirited warriors
who shall rise to drape the Temple
in the flags of common good
giving unto themselves what is truly theirs.

10 August 2012 Suhas Borker

[Suhas Borker is an independent documentary filmmaker and convener of the Working Group on Alternative Strategies based in New Delhi. He can
be contacted at]

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