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Mainstream, Vol XLVIII, No 16, April 10, 2010

Rebuff Washingon’s Game-plan

Saturday 10 April 2010, by Bashir Mohammad


A vivid example of the symbiosis of terrorists and criminals is the self-proclaimed Kosovo Republic in the Balkans. The Albanian leaders from the former Kosovo Liberation Army (that sought to “libeate” Kosovo from Serbia) were mostly engaged in human and drug trafficking. What is noteworthy is that Sali Berisha, Ramush Haradinal and Hashim Thaci—who have all served as Kosovo’s Prime Ministers—had been allegedly involved in illegal trade in the human organs of kidnapped Serbs. However, the investigation of this case was suppressed by Prishtina and Tirana with generous and active assistance from the US and European Union in 2008.

But the irony of the situation is that at present the erstwhile KLA leaders occupy key positions in the Kosovo Government as well as its law-enforcing bodies. At the same time they continue to preserve and maintain their old connections with the jihadis and extremist fundamentalists forces in Pakistan, Chechnya, Bangladesh, Turkey and the Arab world. And the Americans and Europeans cast a Nelson’s eye to this nexus. That is because they are intent on using this very nexus, whenever the occasion arises in future, against Russia, China, India, Iran as also Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines to further their self-interests.

Albanian gang-leaders were initially turned into “freedom fighters” by the West and have now been recognised by Washington and EU capitals as “respectable politicians” who make money from illegal businesses in Europe besides prostitution and drugs to finance fellow jihadis in other countries. They are also well experienced in the arms trade. Thus they are bound to be of considerable utility for the US in case of urgent need to find someone a dirty job to suit America’s global designs.


The US and European states are working overtime to enforce the international recognition of Kosovo’s independence and thereby ensure legal sanction for so-called “humanitarian” interventions and experiments at nation-building. Many US strategists are of the opinion that it is worth trying to extend Western help for delivering Kahsmir to Islamabad in return for Pakistan’s aid to Washington in Afghanistan. Most prominent among such strategic thinkers is the US’ AfPak envoy, Richard Holbrooke, who, incidentally, happens to be an ardent proponent of Kosovo’s self-proclaimed independence.

In view of the criminal character of the Albanian elite today, world leaders should not only not recognise Prishtina’s self-proclaimed independence but also firmly resist and rebuff US and EU pressures over the issue.

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