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Mainstream, Vol XLVIII, No 14, March 27, 2010

Reducing Democracy to a Farce

Saturday 27 March 2010



Two thousand five hundred crores of rupees splurged on statues of self and elephants! Two hundred crores of rupees for a rally! And a garland worth five crores of rupees! Is this the simple and modest lifestyle of a Dalit Chief Minister (Mayawati), or the vulgar display of power and pelf by a modern-day queen, who could not afford to pay compensation to the victims of a stampede? But then, does she not have company in many of our politicians, who lead a life of opulence, at the cost of the public? These are the present-day, self-serving autocrats, fascists, and feudal lords, who have reduced democracy to a farce, proving that the public is an ass. Is there any wonder that extreme unrest and discontent is brewing up among the masses?

V.V. Vijayan

12, Paradise, Chheda Nagar,

Chembur, Mumbai-400089.

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