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Mainstream, Vol XLVII, No 47, November 7, 2009

Save Aami River and Lakhs of Villagers from Pollution

Saturday 7 November 2009, by Bharat Dogra



The Aami river flows in Sidharthnagar, Gorakhpur and Sant Kabir Nagar for nearly 100 kms before merging into the Rapti, a sub-tributary of the Ganga. This river had close ties with the lives of Gautam Buddha and Sant Kabir. Gautam Buddha gave up his royal dress to take up sanyas on the banks of this river. Sant Kabir breathed his last on the banks of the river in Maghar. His memorial has been built here including a temple as well as a mosque.

However, in recent years this river has been so badly polluted by industrial effluents that the life and livelihood of lakhs of people are gravely threatened. Hardly any fish has survived in this polluted water; so the livelihood of fisherfolk has completely gone except on a few rainy days. Farm animals are dying, crops have been damaged, drinking water is badly polluted and water-borne diseases are spreading widely. Urgent steps should be taken immediately to prevent the pollution of this sacred river. Villagers should be suitably compensated for the heavy damage caused to them.

Bharat Dogra

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