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Confrontation in Karnataka | JP Gadkari

Saturday 22 June 2024, by J P Gadkari


Since one year ago when the Congress came to power in Karnataka, the combined BJP-JDs opposition have been raising some imagined corruption issues.. However, it did not find any public support. The opposition has now found a major issue for confrontation with the ruling party in the State. It is, this week’s decision by the State Govt of increasing the price of petrol and diesel by Rs 3/- per litre with immediate effect.

The BJP-JDS combined opposition has immediately decided to oppose the decision and have launched a Statewide agitation that would continue till the price rise is rolled back.

The Siddaramaiah Govt on its part blamed the BJP Govt at the Centre of forcing the State Govt to take this step by delaying the payment of its share of devolution of taxes collected from Karnataka and various other dues including the drought relief funds for which the State had put the request in September last year..

The Chief Minister pointed out that his Govt was forced to take this step as it requires this additional revenue to sustain its expenditure for fulfilling the five guarantees given to the people of Karnataka during the election last year..

The C M further pointed out that even after this rise in fuel prices Karnataka will be charging less than all other BJP-ruled States on petrol and diesel. He said his priority is to continue with the welfare measures introduced through these guarantees. He said the Govt expects to mobilise Rs 3,000 crores per annum through this price rise.

Apart from the rise in petrol and diesel prices, the State Govt has indicated that it may increase the motor vehicle tax and water supply charges during the coming months.

In the meantime, the stalled mansoon is creating anxiety among the farmers as well as the State Govt as the kharif sowing is delayed and Bangalore drinking water supply is being severely affected.

All this together is giving the BJP-JDs combine is getting lot of issues for agitating against the Govt. But it is indicated that it may only affect the pockets o. Its influence in the South Karnataka and Mysore region. How this affects the influence of the Congress party in the State will be seen in some of the Assembly bye- electrons that are going to take place during the next few months.

June 21, 2024

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