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Mainstream, VOL 62 No 19, May 11, 2024

Has Modi Seen The Writing on the Wall? | JP Gadkari

Saturday 11 May 2024, by J P Gadkari


If you constantly and repeatedly utter a lie it becomes truth. This is a historical truth and a practice adopted by those who generally have dictatorial ambitions. They practice it without bothering about the disastrous consequences at the end of the day.

Since the campaign for Election 2024 started heating up and as the polling is completed in three of the seven phases, our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi is out inventing more and more untruths, twisting and distorting facts and misinterpreting historical records.

Of course, this is nothing new. Those who are familiar with his routine daily utterances are aware of this. Take for instance his claim of bringing out more than 20 crores of families out of the BPL category, while his own government’s official records show that a similar number has actually been pushed into the BPL category during the ten years of his regime, particularly during COVID and post COVID period. Similarly, all his claims regarding industrial production, manufacturing of goods, price rise, and unemployment are presented by twisting of facts and presenting misleading statistics.

His classic bluff however is worth going into the Guinness Book of Word Records. While addressing a public meeting, without batting an eyelid, he claimed that he has achieved the record of building 84,000 ’ Shouchalayas’ (toilets) in one week. If you put this into mathematical terms it works out to one toilet per minute! But who bothers to check the truth. A big applause followed. While addressing another public meeting in Gaya in Bihar he distorted another historical fact that Sikander was beaten up in his offensive in Bihar and sent back while the historical fact is that Sikander was never allowed to go beyond Punjab by the armies of the local kings there and was beaten back from there only..

But Modi’s record of lies and distortion of historical facts has gone beyond all limits, particularly after the principal Opposition party, the Congress has come out with its election manifesto focussing on the real issues affecting the people and with a promise to solve them if they are voted to power. He went on inventing all kinds of lies such as special reservation to Muslims by cutting down or abolishing he reservations of S C, STs and OBCs; taking away all the wealth of Hindus, including their gold and "mangalsutras" (the gold and black beads of neck laces worn by all married Hindu women) and distribute among the Muslims and he went to the extent to say that if the opposition comes to power they would even take away "one baffellow if you have two" and give it to Muslims.

One should particularly note that being the Prime Minister of the country and bound by the oath of office to act according to the provisions of the Constitution, Modi is openly and blatantly spreading communal hatred among the citizens

But apart from all this, strangely enough Modi has turned against his own protegies and billionaire friends, Adanis and Ambanis. In his latest attack on Congress and it’s leader Rahul Gandhi, Modi at an election meeting in Telengana has accused of a"secret deal" between the two where Congress and Rahul Gandhi stopped attacking Adanis and Ambanis and the latter carrying "gunny bags full of crores of rupees carried in tempos" to be given to Congress party.
The Congress party, however came out with immediate denial of the charge and quoted several examples of Rahul attacking Adanis and Ambanis in his latest speeches at election rallies and asking for immediate "investigation" by
E D, Income Tax or CBI into his own charge against them. It definitely catches Modi on the wrong foot as even a common man knows how he has helped Adanis and Ambanis by giving them all kinds of concessions and by selling away to them important public sector projects at throw-away prices and making them enormously rich.

It is also to be specially noted here that Modi has for the first time uttered these two names which he had never done before and almost accusing them of helping the principal Opposition party, the Congress. Does it give a significant indication of a big change taking place after 4th June? Does it mean that Modi has realised that his days are numbered as per the intelligence reports of the trend in three phases of polling which is already over?

It is most surprising that Modi has chosen not only to mention by name these two of his closest friends in his speech but also accuse them of giving thousands of crores of rupees under a "secret deal" to the Congress. But nothing is impossible for a person who is thriving on heaps of lies and distortion of facts. His latest utterances, however, are significant indicating that he has become absolutely desperate as the election process is progressing and he is facing a bleak future.

May 10, 2024

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