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Mainstream, VOL 62 No 16-17, April 20, April 27, 2024

2024 General Election: Modi Sees ’Foreign Hand’ Behind Opposition To Oust Him From Power | JP Gadkari

Saturday 20 April 2024, by J P Gadkari


At last it has appeared, the "hidden foreign hand" behind the Opposition in India trying to "oust " Modi from power. Addressing an election rally in Chikaballapura, some 60 kms from Bengaluru, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday last week declared that some "biggies" in India have joined hands with foreign powers and are campaigning for his ouster from power.

There is a saying in Hindi "khisiyayi billi khamba noche" (an angry cat even tries to bite a wooden pole). Having become desparate after realising that he may not be able to achieve the "hat trick" to assume power for the third time, Modi is now resorting to all kinds of improbable theories and going to the lowest level to attack the opposition.

Sharpening his attack against the Opposition, Modi even did not spare the former Congress President Sonia Gandhi accusing her of "running away" and " lacking courage" for contesting from her Rae Barrelly seat and seeking entry into Parliament through Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan, knowing fully well that she has serious health problems. Day in and day out he is inventing new unbelievable charges against opposition and particularly, the Congress, digging up stories from the past, twisting the truth, resorting to utter lies, indulging in mud-slinging and trying to malign the names of our national leaders. His tirade of hatred has become so rampant that after each of his election rally speech, a complaint to the Election Commission of India (ECI) could be filed demanding action against him.

But then his most vile and atrocious lie was yet to come. Addressing a public meeting in Jalore, Rajasthan on Sunday P M Modi said "The Congress if elected to power would distribute people’s land, gold and other valuables among Muslims." The Congress has declared that Muslims have the "first right" to country’s resources, he added.

The Prime Minister claimed that this has been mentioned in Congress manifesto. One can easily see a total lie and twisting of the facts in the
P M’s statement. The Congress manifesto mentions that if voted to power it will make "suitable changes in policies" in order to remove the "inequalities" and "carry out a financial and institutional survey after caste census for distribution of wealth among the people of the country".The P M’s statement is not only a blatant lie but a divisive statement intended for creating communal hatred among two religious communities.

Ofcourse the Congress has approached the Election Commission seeking action against Modi including his disqualification.

A couple of weeks ago Mr Modi dug up the Kachateevu issue which was amicably settled between India and Sri Lanka through an International Maritime agreement in 1976 with India relinquishing claim on this 1.9 sq kms uninhabitable tiny island between the coasts of the two countries. Though there are some fishing rights issues in the waters near the island between the two countries but Modi went to the extent of accusing late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of "cutting a piece of our motherland" and giving it away to a foreign country, thereby questioning the validity of international agreements entered by the previous governments of the country.

It is very clear now that Modi’s main target of attack is the principal opposition party, the Congress. Whatever weaknesses the Congress may have, Modi surely knows that it will be the main force behind bringing together all those raising the main issues of unemployment, price rise, atrocities against women and poor etc and may be the cause of destroying his dream of a hat trick. He is therefore desperately doing everything and using all means to spread lies against Congress and opposition parties to save his skin.

April 23, 2024

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