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Mainstream, VOL 62 No 6 February 10, 2024

Poem: Holocaust Now! | Murzban Jal

Friday 9 February 2024


In the depths of the heavens,
And in cosmos where it never rains,
It rained and lightning permanently
flashed across the skies,
Though there is no sky,
Like there is no ground.

But once there was the sky,
Like there was once the ground,
And when the sun once did shine,
And the birds once did sing,
And crops once did grow.,
And we danced, danced and danced,
Yes, danced, danced and danced
Jews and Gentiles,
Hindus and Muslims,
Kurds and Turks,
Sally Bowles and the Master of Ceremonies,
Yes, danced, danced and danced,

Now we see only, corpses
sitting on broken chairs.

My hands outstretched, embrace
only a bag of bones.

— Murzban Jal

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