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Mainstream, VOL 61 No 45 November 4, 2023

Stop The War!

Saturday 4 November 2023, by Sagari Chhabra


Does it really matter who started this
and who said what to whom;
that endless circle of violence
has spiralled into a cloud that
looks much like a mushroom.
It’s looming over two people;
does it matter if one is brown
the other white;
does it really count
if each thinks he’s right.
All I can think of every night
is of that child under the rubble
and the hostages screaming too,
you can sue me if you like
but there is no morality
behind this war,
so let the world’s machismo
stop hugging each other
and hold only a grievously bleeding child
and grieving mother,
close to the heart.
There are no borders
only humans in this part,
collecting samples for DNA
to convince parents to accept
the fact that their child is dead,
is too much of a debt
for humanity to behold.
Stop the war in god’s name,
whatever you believe:
Yahweh, Christ, Allah;
just don’t let blood
flow down the nullah.
My eyes can see no more,
my ears can hear no more cries,
my stomach can digest no further lies;
just stop this war;
Assalam alaikum,

Sagari Chhabra
21st October 2023
New Delhi

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