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Mainstream, VOL 61 No 45 November 4, 2023

Music: Holm (A Dream) - Emel Mathlouthi

Saturday 4 November 2023


Video shot by Emel Mathlouthi on phone.

English translation of the Arabic lyrics:

If I could close my eyes and the dreams take me by the hand, I would rise and fly in a new sky and I will forget my sorrows.

If I could travel in my imagination, I would build palaces and nights where love and my hopes can grow and we will erase the pain ..

A world in which you see people whose features,
are clouded by oppression, misery and suffering
from a bitter reality that destroys everything we build.

A world where you see rising walls of tyranny that crushes in us dreams and dreams
and reign darkness and greed in all hearts.

o o

The original music of this song was composed by Anoushiravan Rohani for a Trukish movie Soltane Ghalbha in 1968. Finally, the Tunisian singer Emel did this Arabic version with her lyrics

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