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Mainstream, Vol XLVII No 24, May 30, 2009


Tuesday 2 June 2009, by Khurshid Alam


I’ve seen
- many men of lesser quality
- rise upwards
- and have immense influence
- on the people around
- and many others of best quality
- fall down
- under the excuse of recession
- when job is badly appraised
- and responsibility blindly assessed
- and salary adversely reduced.

A nude man
- barely in skin
- shies from people
- tries to hide everything
- so many secrets
- fears to share with others
- the poor chap letting no chance to disclose
- what he has, what not
- but poor in the effort
- he wears all that he has
- the skin covers him all over.

The politicians
- first woo the people
- then the parties, leaders and independents
- to make a government at the Centre
- they refresh the old promises of road, clothes and house
- and add to give the power, control economy and guarantee security
- And bucks
- to the fellow politicians
- and creamy posts to some, ministries to the others
- but people always find themselves
- on the margin
- once the vote is over
- they are again in the queue
- waiting for the next hustings
- when they would get the chance
- to teach them once more
- what pain it is
- to go back from the words
- while the parties enjoy
- the deal they gain.
- Should each of us not flung a party and bargain
- road, clothes, house, power, economy and security?
- A one billion party will be a fine idea.

Khurshid Alam

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