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Mainstream, VOL 61 No 29, July 15, 2023

Credible Fantasies | T Vijeyendra

Saturday 15 July 2023


T Vijayendra has just published a new book of short stories with a title, ‘Credible Fantasies’. The blurb reads:

‘The central idea of the fantasies presented here is to imagine a future for my young friends with ‘Green Jobs’, that is, jobs that help in restoring ecology and creating equity among humans. It is a very difficult proposition under the present circumstances and hence I refer to them as ‘fantasies’.

‘However, conditions are changing fast and soon it will be possible for these fantasies to become real. Hence, they are ‘credible’ or so I fondly imagine!’

It is a small book (80 pages) and the book’s price is Rs.50/ only.

The book can downloaded at:

About the Author:

T Vijayendra (1943 – ) was born in Mysore, grew up in Indore and went to IIT Kharagpur to get a B. Tech. in Electronics (1966). After a year’s stint at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, he got drawn into the whirlwind times of the late 60s.

Since then, he has always been some kind of political-social activist. His brief for himself is the education of Left-wing cadres and so he almost exclusively publishes in the Left-wing journal Frontier, published from Kolkata. For the last ten years, he has been active in the field of ‘Peak Oil’ and is a founder member of Peak Oil India and Ecologise. Since 2015 he has been involved in Ecologise! Camps and in 2016 he initiated Ecologise Hyderabad. In 2017 he spent a year celebrating the Bicentenary of the Bicycle. Vijayendra has been a ‘dedicated’ cyclist all his life, meaning, he neither took a driving license nor did he ever drive a fossil fuel-based vehicle. Email: t.vijayendra[at]

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