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Mainstream, VOL 61 No 18, 19, April 29 & May 6, 2023 (Double issue)

Poem: O Lordships! | Sagari Chhabra

Saturday 29 April 2023, by Sagari Chhabra


Oh Lordships!
We are all dealing with
our individual traumas,
pain and growth.
Stories emerge
from our tangled roots,
blossom forth and grow;
sediments slushed and slow
of many lands and travellers
makes the water flow
towards the ultimate ocean.
How then can the learned counsel claim
with utmost devotion,
that only a biological man and woman
must be the norm;
and everyone else be shorn,
of basic human rights,
to have a family,
dignity and some space?
Your lordships,
I cannot quite keep apace
with the terms:
lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer;
all too many categories
to treat humans like hunted deer.
Hear now a simple plea:
let everyone have their rights,
let them be free!
Simple terms like liberty
are turning extinct,
but remember it was India
that was distinct;
going beyond the Holocene,
a mingling of blood, sweat
and diverse genes,
to treat it as a singular sum
is obscene.
Do listen acutely to the low chord
of the golden oriole,
the haunting koel,
the shrill and raucous cry of the peacock;
must we all submit
to the Pied Piper’s insatiable drive
towards an obedient, bleating flock?

Sagari Chhabra

24th April ‘23

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