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Mainstream, VOL 61 No 8, February 18, 2023

A Flower Blooms | Laxmi Rameshwar Rao

Friday 17 February 2023


A Flower Blooms

When did all the flowers bloom?
Another season coming,
Where did all the flowers go?
Was it a long time ago? (l)
How did all the flowers grow?
Love tended every one,
Whence will they ever grow?
Can they be again be grown (2)
Why do I feel so very alone?
What will make me less forlorn?
Will flowering, colours
Do they in empathy also mourn? (3)
Memory here in every stone
No tears over-brim,
Memory wind in Dylan blown
The being’s drone,
With time and med
Better left alone... (4)
The Grey-haired, overshadow
With nothing never known
Why am I so longingly, endlessly alone?
Mowed down heartlessly, alone to mourn? (5)
Reason’s time is now gone by.
No more time now – bygone,
Goodbye, by and bye (6)
Unreasonable I am
A doleful sigh and
I cry and I cry and
Look for consolation
To horizon - the sky (7)
Unbecoming am I
In years so have grown - The nasty I – A deploring spy (8)

— Lakshmi Rameshwar Rao

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