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Documentary on Global Warming (1989) | Sagari Chhabra

Friday 22 April 2022


Director’s note:

It gives me great pleasure to share my documentary, ’ Global Warming’ (21 minutes, English commentary, 1989).

The film was awarded the World Food Day Award by the Food & Agricultural Organisation (United Nations) and the Indian Association for the Advancement of Science in 1989.

I am deeply grateful to all the scientists who gave their valuable insights when I interviewed them for the film.

Sadly the world did not take the issues presented in the film seriously but we now see that so much that was discussed has come true.

I urge you all to watch the film and to do something to alleviate the crisis of global warming and climate change. The future of the earth and all of earth’s children depends on you!

I am grateful to TERI (The Energy Resources Institute) for producing this film.

Sagari Chhabra (Writer & Director)

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