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On Suspension 12 MPs from 255th Session of Parliament | Statement by Binoy Viswam (MP), Nov 29, 2021

Friday 3 December 2021


Binoy Viswam
Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)
116, North Avenue New Delhi - 110 001
Mob: 96057667022 E-mail: binoyviswam55[at]

Statement issued by Binoy Viswam, Leader of CPI Parliamentary Group & Secretary, National Council on Suspension from 255th Session of Parliament

The Government has once again showed its authoritarian and dictatorial face as it suspends 12 Members of Parliament, including myself, for the events that occurred on 11th August 2021 during the 254th Session. The events of the Monsoon session must be placed in context since they were the result of the Government’s own actions as it refused to debate national issues - farm laws, Pegasus, price rise, covid, privatisation of banking and Insurance sectors- despite the Opposition exercising every democratic and parliamentary method available to it, and bulldozed through the proceedings of the House. Eventually, even the Supreme Court of India vindicated the position taken by the Opposition as it rightly appointed a committee to conduct an inquiry into the Governments snooping on citizens and stayed the farm laws.

It is ironic that on a day when the Prime Minister waxed eloquent about the Government being open to a debate on all subjects, the bill to repeal the three anti farmer laws was passed without a single discussion in either house. The Government may continue to abuse every democratic process and subvert parliamentary rules and processes but as evidenced by the legendary farmers’ movement it will eventually have to answer to the people of India. It is only a matter of time before the Government realizes that its dictatorial approach cannot gather muster as it is ultimately accountable to an electorate of free citizens in a democratic country.

The suspension of the 12 MPs is being used to crush dissent and prevent representatives of the people from raising issues that concern the very core of the Indian citizenry and our nation. If the Government believes that such a suspension will deter us from continuing to raise these issues, it is going to be sadly disappointed as there is absolutely no question of succumbing to such draconian actions.

29th November 2021

Binoy Viswam

Member, Standing Committee on Railways

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