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Mainstream, VOL LIX No 45, New Delhi, October 23, 2021

South Asians Condemn and Demand Action: Bangladesh Violence - Oct 21, 2021

Saturday 23 October 2021


[October 21, 2021]

As South Asians, we are deeply distressed and saddened by the spate of violence and killings in Bangladesh on the occasion of Durga Puja and Vijayadashmi.

Attacks on minorities are a sign of injustice and a matter of shame for any society and bring a bad name to the Government.

Our heartfelt empathy and solidarity with all those killed, injured and affected in any way by this inhuman and mindless violence.

Even as we were feeling some relief at the Government of Bangladesh reigning in fanatic groups and controlling communalism in the country, the current outbreak of mayhem and violence against the minorities comes as a big shock, and seems a setback to the Government of Bangladesh in it’s efforts to curb communalism and promote communal amity and peaceful coexistence..

This also shows that fanatic elements bent on spreading hate and violence in any society are always on the prowl to damage social fabric and we have to be on constant vigil against them.

In the time of social media, it is easy to identify, try and punish all those who are involved in the recent violence. We understand that the Government of Bangladesh has started action against those involved and we welcome it and urge that quick and exemplary punishment should be given to deter others and ensure such obnoxious incidences are not repeated again.

Finally we urge the Government of Bangladesh to immediately reconstruct and repair all places of worship, houses and any other assets that are damaged and provide generous compensation to those injured and to the families of all those killed and government jobs to the next of kin.

We find that divisive forces in different countries of South Asia are spreading hate and violence, especially against minorities. This is a matter of grave concern and calls for immediate attention and decisive actions by all the governments of the region to ensure amity, peace and pave way for development and prosperity of the people.

All countries of the region are already lagging behind on all development indicators and any further divisions in society and violence can push our people into more poverty and greater misery.

We urge all South Asians to speak out against any violence in any form and prevail upon their governments to secure peace and ensure prosperity of the people.


Syeda Hameed - Khwaja Ahmed Abbas Trust
Shabana Azmi - Film Actor- Activist
Tapan Bose - Peace Activist
P.V. Rajagopal - Sarvodaya Samaj
Fr, Cedric Prakash - Peace Activist
Purushottam Aggarwal - Writer and Peace Activist
Rajeev Bhargava - Academic
Tani Bhargava - Academic
Mazher Hussain- COVA Peace Network


Pervez Hoodbhoy - Physicist - Activist
Karamat Ali - PILER
Sheema Kermani - Tehrik-e-Niswan
Peter Jacob - Peoples Commission for Minority Rights
Mohammed Tahseen - SAP
Mehnaz Rehman – Aurat Foundation
Comrade Nasir Mansoor, National Trade Union Federation (NTUF)


Justice Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik -
Shahriar Kabir - Forum for Secular Bangladesh
Monoranjan Ghosal - Interreligious Harmony Society

Sri Lanka

Nalini Ratnarajah - Women Development Innovators
Mohammed Mahuruf - PEaCE


Sima Samar - Former Minister for Womens’ Affairs
Fidel Rehmati - Academic


Mohammed Latheef - Peace Activist

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