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Mainstream, VOL LIX No 39, New Delhi, Sept 11, 2021

Statement demanding a postponement of COP-26

Saturday 11 September 2021


Friends of the Earth International.

"Statement demanding a postponement of COP-26

(Several other large Climate Justice networks have issued similar demands).

7 September 2021

"Friends of the Earth International joins calls for the postponement of the Glasgow COP26 climate negotiations in less than eight weeks. The UK government has not created the conditions necessary to host a safe, accessible and equitable COP, and the conference should not be held at the risk of human life and injustice. We join Climate Action Network International, the COP26 Coalition and others in demanding the postponement of COP26 (Conference of the Parties).

The Covid-19 global pandemic is ravaging the world, and is exacerbated by the vaccine apartheid perpetuated by rich countries, the very same ones who created the climate crisis and are now running away from their historical responsibility. 

The climate crisis is inherently unjust; it most affects the peoples and countries who contribute least to create the crisis. We therefore call for climate justice in which countries, especially global north countries, urgently meet their fair share of emissions reductions, repay their climate debt and provide much needed climate finance for the urgent energy transformation in the global South. We say no to carbon markets and ‘net zero’ smokescreens that allow polluters to continue polluting. We demand that climate action be driven by justice, equity and science.

In May 2021, Friends of the Earth International and 50 organisations from all across the planet demanded of the United Kingdom government and the Secretariat of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) that COP26 must be held in a accessible, equitable and safe manner, particularly for civil society, and especially for global South civil society. With less than eight weeks a COP that is safe, accessible or e

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