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First-year completion of NEP - Statement by All India Federation of University and College Teachers’ Organisation - Aug 2, 2021

Saturday 7 August 2021

All India Federation of University and College Teachers’ Organisation (AIFUCTO)

Press Release



Prime Minister address to the nation on the first-year completion of NEP ignored ground realities

Prime Minister’s address to the nation and launching some new initiatives on the occasion of first-year completion of NEP marked a complete divorce from ground realities of our education system. The pompous assertion of NEP being an instrument of strengthening the concept of self-reliant India and catering to the aspirations of 21st century is a mere cunning camouflage of allowing the forces of privatization and market to demolish India’s public-funded education system. Academic Bank Credit regulation 2021,a push toward blended learning mode will lead to dilution of degrees, ignored the key ideas of equity, access, and efficiency, Teachers and universities will be rendered irrelevant. The digital revolution which the PM highlighted overlooked the digital divide of access (class, caste, gender, region, rural/urban), dilution of rigor and intensity of courses, and impact on working conditions of Teachers with fluctuating workload which will lead to the policy of hire and fire in the matter of appointment of Teachers. Further, the quality of education will be of great causality in a market-driven economy. The decision of multiple entry and exit will neither serve the interest of the students nor the education system. Further, it is also an impractical proposition.

AIFUCTO saw no hope in the Prime Minister address to the nation since he does not address the basic malaise affecting our education system like a cancer disease. AIFUCTO feels Prime Minister addresses to the nation is another Great Jumala with ideal exterior with a hidden agenda of privatization and commercialization of education and thereby putting a great nail on the constitutional ethics of education.

AIFUCTO appeals to all right-minded forces to come foreword, reject the online systems as a substitute of classroom education and contribute to Save Education, Save Campus and Save Nation.

Prof.Dr.Arun Kumar

General Secretary

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