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2020 Tokyo Games: Why allow men to compete with women? | Linda Blade

Friday 23 July 2021


by Linda Blade

May 4, 2021

Dear Olympic Games Officials and people of Japan:

The modern Olympic Games was envisioned as a festival where sports competition would remain a merit-based domain where excellence could be celebrated on a level playing field without bias towards social rank or cultural heritage.

Unfortunately, in 2015, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided that the human rights of some athletes supersede the rights of others.

Without consulting broadly or notifying many, the IOC decided that male athletes could self-identify as women and would then be allowed to compete against female athletes.

This is outrageous and unfair!

As anyone can see from Olympic record charts, the male body has an enormous advantage over the female body.

And there is a logical reason for this difference in male performance. Males have a physical advantage that ranges from 10%-160% depending upon the activity and the sport:

  • Heavier by 20-40%
  • Stronger by 30-60% [Especially stronger in UPPER BODY activities]
  • More Explosive by 33%
  • Running 10-15%
  • Kicking 20%
  • Punching 160%
  • Scrum forces in Rugby 40-60%
  • VO2max 20-40%
  • Throwing 20-30%
  • Weights 30-50%
  • Tendons much stiffer

The IOC contends that all these advantages disappear and the female playing field will be level IF the male athlete ensures that his testosterone level remains below 10 nmol/L for one year. This assertion is patently false!

Every single study in history that has measured male strength both before and after testosterone reduction shows that there is no significant reduction of the male strength advantage.

Of course, any citizen of Japan could figure out the same thing without science.

How does a man make his bones and body smaller to match female size?!

How does he reduce the size of his heart and lungs so that oxygen transport capacity is reduced to female level?!

The IOC position on this matter is absurd. It is an insult to women, to sport and to the Olympic Games themselves.

The IOC amplifies this insult by assuming that very few male athletes would want to take advantage of this policy and compete with the women.

This claim is also false. Over the past few years, the world of sport has documented a growing number of males, calling themselves “transgender”, robbing female athletes of opportunities on teams and podiums.

They insist that all female athlete spaces are open to these men – whether they be in change rooms, in toilets or in athlete accommodations.

It is time for the good people of the world to tell the IOC in 2021 to PLEASE STOP!

The IOC should SUSPEND this insane “Transgender Consensus” immediately.

A drastic policy that threatens the integrity of the women’s Olympic sports category requires in-depth scrutiny, long-term study, and broad-ranging consultation.

No person on planet earth wants to see Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games be mocked and shamed as the “historic” moment when a male stood on the female Olympic podium.

It is time for all media surrounding the Olympic Games to tell this story so that the IOC will be convinced to ensure that this infamy is not visited upon the people of Japan.

Japanese people deserve an Olympics of Integrity after exhausting so many funds and energy in making this festival work in a most problematic year.

We wish Japan ALL THE BEST over these next few months of preparation.

We stand with Japan for the preservation of these 2020 Tokyo Games.

(Author: Linda Blade, PhD is Sport Performance Professional)

[The above article has been reproduced here from Women’s Human Rights Campaign USA (WHRC) for educational and non commercial use

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