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Mainstream, VOL LIX No 30, New Delhi, July 10, 2021

A plea for sparrows | S Maria Reagan

Friday 9 July 2021


For the death of sparrows
The streets of this city are weeping.

You are just passing by the bird’s carcass
To hear the The dictatorial king’s speech
For Yoga Day.

Is the bird alive?
Only one dog is burying his face.
The death of that bird that roared east
Tells to the emperor.

In the book of death that the king has
Added a number
& Sits with yoga posture

India has meditated.

The death of a sparrow
You do not care.

Of sparrows that do not add to the surplus
Who cares about it’s death?

Oh my wonderful Indian sparrows
Before you reach death
At least
Shout against your dictatorial king.

— S.Maria Reagan, July 2, 2021

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