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Mainstream, VOL LIX No 29, New Delhi, July 3, 2021

Let’s sanitise | Devaraju Maharaju (translation Anishetty Shankar)

Friday 2 July 2021

Written in Telugu by Prof. Devaraju Maharaju

(Original Telugu title "Deshanni sanitise Cheddam" and published in Telugu daily, "Prajashakthi" on April 24, 2021)

English translation: Anishetty Shankar

Editorial revision: LK Sharma

A new virus attacked this country
Be careful!
This would hunt question and kill it.
It openly attacks the Other.
It does not let us breath in or
breathe out,
It conducts repeated blood test,
snatches the few rupees you have,
makes you penniless and throws you on the road.

It comes as a Chaiwala
and doesn’t let you drink tea.
How does it come to our house,
is not known to us.
Does it come with a Gas Cylinder?
Does it come with petrol in our vehicles?
Does it come with vegetables?
Does it come with groceries?

It tells us not to mingle in public.
It divides us in the name of
Castes and religions.
It expels those who say ‘All people are equal’.
No dissent, no struggle,
no movement!
If anyone defies,
It questions one’s right of citizenship.
In the name of patriotism.
It sells out everything.
Education goes to dustbins.
All are made officials
in the factories of falsehood. Making us idiots.
It makes us dace to one tune.
It gets entrenched not in other parts,
but in the brains that are emptied.
of our thoughts.
People can move on roads
But shouldn’t be manly.
And shouldn’t have humanity.
Then what do we do now?
Rubbing our hands with sanitiser
cannot achieve anything.
Come on! shout a slogan.
Call all.
Let’s sanitise the Country.

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