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Mainstream, Vol XLVII, No 1, December 20, 2008

Across The Atlantic To Hell

Sunday 21 December 2008, by Bishnu Dey


There was hope there was also apprehension,
- Because the Demon was in no way healthy.
- Nor was there the mind to be cured.

Yes, we had seen sudden cataclysms happen in Nature
- Of Sun and Rain and Thunder or of primeval beasts,
- But when man gets ill with greed
- Then the damage is worse than that of a natural beast.

At the last stage of endless fortitude
- Of crores of human lives, from the lowest depths
- Of the animal world the beast’s unspeakable
- Mastery in trickery and brutality
- Makes the world itself mute with the Human face covered down.

Yes, there was anxious thought
- Of the pools of the heroes’ blood, the mother’s tears,
- Only the extent of the excess was perhaps not imagined,
- Men as we are, how could we know the frenzy of the beast in us?
- And so we cry forth to the whole world of men.

Across the Atlantic lies the journey to Hell.

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