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Mainstream, VOL LIX No 28, New Delhi, June 26, 2021

Waiting to be in the “Bird Box”? | Jeevesh Gupta

Friday 25 June 2021

We walked and We protested,
We raised placards and We pleaded,
We were mocked at and we prayed,
We shouted, we howled but it fell on deaf ears,
Development is the key to growth,
No one had the answer when asked, But Who will eat the fruits of blowth?

Few were seeing it coming but most were busy winning,
Yesterday we were fighting pollution and today we are fighting corona,
we are not allowed to touch, tomorrow we will not be allowed to see,
Today we cannot step out, tomorrow we might not be able to speak,
For how long will humans take life for granted and keep trying to satiate their infinite greed.

“It comes at night” said it,
“A quiet place” pinned it,
But we watched them with popcorns and left enthralled,
Not realising that we just saw our future ready to engulf us all.

But we will never change,
We will keep plundering mother nature for resources in exchange,
We will keep counting more and more, when our oxygen count drops downwards,
We will keep dreaming of flying higher when oxygen level in the air keep going southwards.

The gluttonous me will keep ravaging all and keep asking for more,
I will keep consuming and have no shore,
Till I am shown the door.

With no oxygen in the air to breathe,
Wish adieu to the blackening I, myself and me,
Leaving behind nothing for future generations to thank me.

by Jeevesh Gupta

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