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Mainstream, VOL LIX No 14, New Delhi, March 20, 2021

2021 West Bengal Elections: Fiftynine questions to Modi-raj by Anindya Ray

Friday 19 March 2021

Ira Ghosh, senior professor of English at a College in West Bengal appeals to every voter to ponder whether to cast vote to the Bharatiya Janata Party only after getting affirmative response on 59 queries. She posted the questions in her wall in face book?

1. What has happened to unearthing black money?
2. What is the net result of demonetization?
3. Did Rs 15 lakh get deposited to your account, as per the promise of Narendra Modi diring his electoral campaign for the Lok Sabha elections in 2014?
4. Has terrorism subsided, a commitment by Modiji?
5.Has the number of deaths of army jawans come down?
6. Among whom the kickbacks of questionable purchase 90 fighter planes from France?
7. Who attended the wedding ceremony of the granddaughter of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif?
8. Why export of vegetables to Pakistan by small farmers were stopped, but electricity exports by Adanis and Ambanis are allowed?
9. Have petrol and diesel prices become cheaper?
10. Has LPG prices come down?
11. Is Mukul Roy (Who defected to BJP from TMC) no more called a thief?
12. What about Modiji’s promise of creating 20 million jobs a year?
13. Has the rupee value of US$ been reduced?
14. How many unemployed youths did get jobs?
15. Who suggested youths to sell pakora?
16. At what rate did mediclaim insurance to up?
17. How much did the State Bank of India deduct from savings a/c as never before?
18. Has cable TV monthly rates gone up?
19. Where is Nirav Modi?
20. বিজয় মালিয়া কোন পার্টির সমর্থিত MP?
21. Which political party made Vijay Mallya an MP?
22. Quo Vadis so many telecom companies?
23 Who will liquidate the dues of Anil Ambani to Erickson?
24. Who arranged for bankrupt Anil Ambani’s Rs 60000 crore health insurance arrears to the Union government?
25. Which government discontinued pension benefits to new government employees?
26. Whose scheme is to sell off public sector banks?
27. Why has BSNL been deprived of 4G spectrum?
28. Why did the Indian Railway enter into an agreement with Jio of Mukesh Ambani, depriving BSNL?
29. Has reservations to backward classes been abolished?
30. How many persons did die in the Vyapam scam in Maharashtra during the BJP regime??
31. Which Chief Minister stopped the highway in Jammu & Kashmir and during which regime?
32.On which party’s chief minister’s FIR dumped an army jawan in Tihar Jail?
33 Has Article 370 of the Constitution of India been abolished?
34. Whose daughter is the lawyer of Lalit Modi?
35. What is the rate of increase of business and profit of the son of Home minister Amit Shah during the Modi regime?
36 What is the update about the CBI vs CBI tiff?
37. Who are running the ‘Bongal kheda’ threat in Assam?
38 Why were there no voting in 94% of panchayats in Tripura under the present BJP regime?
39. How and why were five airports handed over to the Adanis?
40. What the reason of tete-e-tete of Modi government with the pro-Pak Arab prince?
41. How much did the Modi government to the Kerala government as flood relief and how much does it want the Kerala government to payback?
42. Is the selling of beef banned or legal?
43. How many persons did die due to so-called ‘cow vigilance’?
44. Under which government at the centre did India race to the world’s second-largest beef exporter?
44. Who are the largest beef-exporting businessmen in India?
45. Under which government at the center the largest number of farmers committed suicide?
46 What is the amount of farm loans waived? How much of corporate [loans] has been waived? (all under the Modi regime?
47. The Prime Minister washed with his own hand the feet of ‘safai karamcharis’. But have their demand for higher wage been considered?
48. In whose interests are details of Aadhar being divulged?
49. How many companies have so far responded to Modiji’s Make in India call?
50. What is the fate of the Lokpal bill?
51. Is our Prime Minister’s wife a divorcee or Tin Talak-recipient?
52. Has the River Ganga been depolluted by incurring Rupees 2037 crore?
53. Is relations with China now under the sweet will of China? About Pakistan, the less said, the better?
54. In whose interests are profit-making central public sector undertakings being sold off?
55. Who wore a Rs 10 lakh-worth suit?
56. Which political party uses pictures of armed forces in their advertisement?
57. Why has allocation in one hundred day labour been reduced?
58. How much did India get by buttering Donald Trump?
59. When will ‘Achchhe din’ ultimately arrive?

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