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Thickness of Skin! | A K Das

Saturday 20 February 2021

[This poem is composed in the backdrop of interviews given by victims of casual molestation and reported in an article ’How men get away with groping, and women never quite get over it’ published in The Times of India (January 31, 2021)]

Groping without disrobing
is not an assault carnal.
It’s not a big deal!
The voice from the Altar decrees.

Walking, cycling, standing,
or sitting next in the bus,
train, aircraft are prices
to be paid, while growing up
in all avenues of life.

Complaints not addressed,
offenders not punished;
a searing feeling of being left
both scarred and scared;
the heavy toll on the mind!

Memories of the survivors,
denial tactics of the abusers,
handbags as protective armour
create trauma of shame.
A small price for being a girl!

- A K Das, February 6, 2021

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