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Mainstream, Vol XLVI No 47

Salute From Prison

Tuesday 11 November 2008, by Ajoy Ghosh


The revolutionary martyr Bhagat Singh, along with his death-defying comrades looked upto the Russian Revolution for inspiration and guidance. Here is what Ajoy Ghosh, one of Bhagat Singh’s comrades-in-arms (who later became the General Secretary of the CPI and whose birth centenary we will observe on February 20 next year), writes about their prison days in his booklet, Bhagat Singh and His Comrades:

Prolonged discussions took place in our ranks about what to do to break the stagnant calm. Socialist literature was trickling in. The triumph of the October Revolution, the consolidation of the Socialist regime in Russia and, more than anything else, the aid given by the Soviet Union to Asian countries like Turkey and, China against imperialist powers, attracted us towards the new Socialist State and towards the ideas and principles it embodied…

Studies in prison deepened the love that we already cherished for the Soviet Union and on the occasion of the 13th Anniversary of the October Revolution, we sent greetings to the Soviet Union hailing its victories and pledging support to the Soviet state against all enemies.

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